New York, USA.

Rotterdam, NL.

New York, USA.

Conchita de Groot (Wardrobe)


Simply Red

Leicester, U.K.

Rotterdam, NL.

Brasilia, Brazil.

Liverpool, U.K.

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Paradiso, Amsterdam. NL.

San Diego

Hollands Hope

Marquis Hawkes. Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Jur Oster & Giel Born (Best Boy)

Roland Schutte (3rd Assistant Director)


Marcel Hensema (Actor)

Sabrina Carli (Lighting trainee)

Marcel Hensema (Actor)

Martijn Lakemeier (Actor)


Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Widening of the Haarlemmerhouttuinen
(only partially in use nowadays)

In the 1960s, the municipality planned to increase a two-lane motorway to four lanes, in the same direction as the railway tracks to the West of Central Station. For this addition, 640 houses, adjacent to the Haarlemmerhouttuinen and Haarlemmerplein, were torn down. A sum of almost 1500 residents were evicted from their homes as a result.

Opposing this move, residents criticised the redevelopment of the area, stating that ‘the wounds should be healed, the demolition works must be stopped’. In 1973, the municipality decided to reduce the number of lanes from four to two again and proposed that the vacant space be allocated to the use of social housing.

Panama City, Panama.

Classe A

Marquis Hawkes. Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Border England – Scotland, UK.

Ko Lanta, Thailand.

Lindelotte van der Meer (Assistant Hair & Make Up)

New York, USA.

Raampoort bridge near Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat.
(meant as a thoroughfare between the redeveloped Jordaan neighbourhood and the inner city; has been put to use partially)

In the 1960s a bridge was renovated and widened to make the popular route between Rozengracht – Marnixstraat – Raampoort – Jan van Galenstraat – ring road A10 more accessible. When in use, it was realised that the corner cars had to turn between Raampoort and Rozengracht was itself too narrow to accommodate the increase in traffic. Cars were therefore directed in and out of the city via alternative routes.

Nowadays, the bridge is rarely used as a thoroughfare. Its original intention is still quite explicit through its extra lanes and unnecessarily broad sidewalks.

New York, USA.


Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Uwe Kuipers (Gaffer)

Kim van Kooten as Machteld Augustinus

Rotterdam, NL.

Butcher. Manaus, Brazil.


Marcel Hensema (Actor)


Phae. Rotterdam, NL.

Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Sweet Dreams



Edinburgh, UK.

Marcel Hensema as Fokke Augustinus

Barreirinhas, Brazil.

Las Vegas

Berlin, Germany.

Berlin, Germany.


Frenky Ribbens (Writer) & Dana Nechushtan (Director)

New York, USA.

New York, USA.


Antonio Martinez Urbina (Video Assist)


IJmuiden, NL.

Richt Martens (2nd Assistant Director / Script Continuity) & Dana Nechushtan (Director)

Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Free Way

Peter van den Begin (Actor)

Greengrocer. Manaus, Brazil.

Pai, Thailand.


Christal Palace

Salvador, Brazil.

Manchester, U.K.

Giel Born (Best Boy)

24 Horas

Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Manchester, U.K.

Loves Day

Tim. Amstelveen, NL.


Marcel Hensema (Actor)

Detroit, USA.


Eva Weerts (Art Department Trainee), Vera van der Sandt (Art Director), Sander de Vries (Art Department Runner), Marius Touwen (Assistant Art Department), Ida Doodeman (Hand Props)

Grandpa Augestinus (Dummy)

New York, USA.

Sweet Cherry

Salvador, Brazil.

Justus Engelbracht (Clapper/Loader)

Krakow, Poland.

Aart, Amsterdam, NL.

Kim van Kooten, Marcel Hensema, Martijn Lakemeier, Megan de Kruijf and Amber Berentsen as the Augustinus family.

Belém, Brazil.

Palmeiras, Brazil.


Marcel Hensema (Actor)

Soccer pitch. Barreirinhas, Brazil.

Santarém, Brazil.


Taco Regtien (Set Dresser / Weed Specialist)

Glasgow, Schotland.

Jaap Spijkers (Actor)

Love Land

Le Royale

Peter van den Begin as Dimitri

Marzahn, Berlin. DE.

Rotterdam, NL.

Jan Broekema (Set Production Assistant)

Ian & Neeltje (Catering)

Aart. Amsterdam, NL.

Glasgow, NL.


Martijn Lakemeier (Actor)

Hadewych Minis as Liesbeth

Amazon river, Brazil.

Nikola Djuricko (Actor)


Alter do Chão, Brazil.

Kim van Kooten (Actress)

Peter van den Begin (Actor)